Straight up bait up tumblr

straight up bait up tumblr

straight up bait up tumblr

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straight up i cant wait till im like 40 and early 2000s pop-punk become the new dad rock and have legacy tours so i can take my kids to see 60 year old men with swoop haircuts scream about how sad they were in highschool. 26547 read this post . lovenotesandtypos hat diesen Eintrag von lovenotesandtypos gerebloggt . von autumndagger gelikt . von songbirdpyka gelikt . moistpluto hat diesen ...

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Nathaniel: Alexy, please sit up straight. Alexy: I sit as gay as is want! # mcl # my candy love # amour sucre # amour doce # sweet amoris # mcl nathaniel # mcl alexy # dont know if it was done before # but i laughed # corazon de melon # cdm ∞ Permalink; Vor 3 Jahren gepostet; Diesen Eintrag twittern; 256 Anmerkungen ; von cat-lady-soul gelikt . von takoto-yamashita gelikt . von eldarya ...

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If you really want the world to beat a path to your door, try taking a nap.

A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.

You can't turn back the clock--But you can wind it up again.